Welcome to libnmap’s documentation!

About libnmap

libnmap is a python toolkit for manipulating nmap. It currently offers the following modules:

  • process: enables you to launch nmap scans
  • parse: enables you to parse nmap reports or scan results (only XML so far) from a file, a string,…
  • report: enables you to manipulate a parsed scan result and de/serialize scan results in a json format
  • diff: enables you to see what changed between two scans
  • objects: contains basic nmap objects like NmapHost and NmapService. It is to note that each object can be “diff()ed” with another similar object.
    • report: contains NmapReport class definition
    • host: contains NmapHost class definition
    • service: contains NmapService class definition
    • os: contains NmapOSFingerprint class definition and some other classes like NmapOSMatch, NmapOSClass,…
    • cpe: contains CPE class defdinition
  • plugins: enables you to support datastores for your scan results directly in the “NmapReport” object from report module
    • mongodb: only plugin implemented so far, ultra basic, for POC purpose only
    • sqlalchemy: Allow to store/retreive NmapReport to sqlite/mysql/… all engine supported by sqlalchemy
    • rabbitMQ : todo
    • couchdb: todo
    • elastic search: todo
    • csv: todo

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